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AskaClass is an online platform founded by the NRI community. AskaClass is an initiative of dedicated community members who wish to see the younger generation experience rich and diverse Indian culture. We believe that learning about language and culture can be fun for all children when taught under its structured guidelines.

Our most unique and irreplaceable assets are our volunteers. Amongst our volunteers, we have Doctors, PhDs, Professors, Engineers, Montessori trained and Special Needs trained individuals.

AskaClass integrates excellent and innovative instruction in the curriculum that incorporates linguistics, literature, culture, and area studies, offering students opportunities to use the target language with native and near-native language professionals and with each other.

 The curriculum is supported by an extensive co-curricular program designed to reinforce classroom learning through a task-based approach. We are dedicated to the premise that without real competency in language there can be no true cultural understanding, and that to be truly effective, language speaking must provide meaningful access to other cultures.

Building a Community

The AskaClass community includes students, families, staff, and community members. Communication and collaboration among all members of the community is valued and defined by mutual respect and trust. We are all stakeholders in ensuring success for all students every day.

The AskaClass Community is committed to modelling high standards, which drive our decision-making. The AskaClass Community engages in active, innovative, evidence-based learning to assure that we can adapt to the challenges of our global society.

We provide an educational environment focusing on the whole person which encourages positive character and promotes cognitive, physical, social and creative development. We develop responsible citizens buy increasing awareness of personal strengths, promoting independence, and encouraging advocacy for others and ourselves.

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